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Charlie Creative works with small business owners who understand the value of business vision. A clear vision conveys an authentic feeling that grows trust in employees, vendors and clients. Each service below is designed to bring business owners closer to the people who make their businesses thrive.
Your pathway begins with your business vision. Your brand message emerges from this vision. Copywriting follows brand discovery to provide a clear, compelling message. Finally, graphic design visually supports your brand and inspires prospects to become clients you love.

BRAND DISCOVERY: Express Yourself

Brand discovery is the foundation for effective marketing. Once established, a strong brand message creates internal community, rapport with vendors, and guides client interactions.

A strong brand:

Clarifies your business vision and how it relates to your ideal clients. We'll also determine how your business is especially valuable and different to develop a clear brand message that informs all your marketing.


Writing from your brand message provides a clear, compelling call for action. Writing that honestly and thoroughly answers prospect concerns leads to clients who understand and value your services even before you meet.


Without a clear brand and compelling text your website can confuse potential clients. The final step on your pathway to clients you love is appropriate website design. Compelling design represents your brand message and inspires ideal clients to contact you. It saves time and money when this step follows the development of a clear brand message.


"Howell provided strong support and an excellent understanding of my services. He designed a workable structure that allowed us to move through the project with ease. There was a high level of trust and cooperation, which made the experience fun. The result of our teamwork is a website my clients and I love. The site is easy to use, the message is clear, and Howell's writing effectively represents my personality. Clients can hear me talking to them directly through my website in my own authentic voice. Now, thanks to Howell, my new website gives visitors exactly what they're looking for."

--Bercedeh Stark
Coach and Seminar Leader