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Case Study: Safari Life Coaching
safari layout
A visual landscape designed to evoke a sense of adventure grabs attention and emphasizes the brand.  
safari card   "What Do You See" cards appear on each page of the website to emulate the brand experience of fun and creativity.  


Safari Life Coaching is a life and wellness coaching practice run by Laura DeVault in Charlottesville, Virginia. Laura inspires her clients to use joy, curiosity and authenticity to explore and achieve their desires.


In the start-up year of her coaching practice, Laura needed to raise awareness, grow credibility, and differentiate her business. She also needed to discover, define and develop her brand message.

Though she was surprised that an effective website can take over two months to develop, Laura was committed to her business. She engaged Charlie Creative to develop a fully branded website with a clear, compelling message designed specifically for her ideal clients.


Aligning Laura's business vision with her values engendered an effective brand that Laura can market with ease and confidence.

Effective copywriting captures Laura's authentic style and clearly speaks to her ideal market. Visitors learn about Laura's unique approach to coaching and can contact her pre-screened and pre-sold.

Using graphic design that expresses Laura's brand builds trust and credibility. Safari Life Coaching is presented as a professional practice; and potential clients feel good about Laura's services.